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Tea Tree Seaweed Facial Lotion

Tea tree & thyme essential oils combine to create the ultimate skin blemish-fighting combo, while the mix of light, conditioning oils keeps the skin ultimately hydrated without blocking the pores. Organic seaweed powder nourishes the skin, helping add flexibility back to the skin cells, keeping your complexion youthful & glowing.

Total Baby Gift Set

Want to try one of each handmade all-natural baby products? Get all 6 for $10 off the value. My own baby will tell you all about her beautiful soft skin, never flaky or rashy!

Unscented Chocolate Coconut Bee Pollen

Not your ordinary bath bombs! These highly concentrated bath bombs are held together with organic coconut oil & organic cocoa butter, to give you the softest, smoothest skin. 100% natural ingredients feed your skin, while being amazing for even the most sensitive. Organic bee pollen helps with allergies, and adds a light, lovely sweet scent to the natural smell of chocolate and coconut. No essential oils added to this one.

Warming Ginger Lemon Turmeric

Not your every-day bath bomb! This concentrated bath bomb has coconut oil & organic cocoa butter to give you soft, smooth skin, and epsom & Dead Sea salts to give you a magnesium boost. Turmeric powder and 100% natural essential oils feed the skin with exceptional nutritional power.

Whitening Mint Orange Charcoal

Strengthen your gums, freshen your breath, and whiten your teeth - naturally! No hidden nasties in this toothpaste, every single ingredient is proven beneficial to the health of your mouth & gums. Don't worry, the activated charcoal whitens your teeth by drawing out toxins & impurities - it does not stain them.