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Hibiscus Orange Cocoa Butter

Simple, elegant moisture for your lips and aromatherapy for your mind. Organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, and vitamin E oil come together with a hibiscus & orange zest infusion for the best, long-lasting, healing lip care.

Lanolin Borage Ultimate Healing Balm

Heal those stubborn dry patches of skin, and even painful, cracked skin. Lanolin locks in moisture like nothing else - this ingredient helps heal the worst of dried, raw skin, while borage oil has higher amounts of omega fatty acids than even evening primrose oil which helps speed healing. Chamomile & lavender infused organic olive oil feeds & soothes the skin, while organic shea butter & thick nutritious vitamin E oil moisturize & feed the skin.

Lavender Lemon Dry Shampoo – Light Hair

Keep hair looking clean & radiant in between washes. This dry shampoo absorbs oil while moisturizing & giving your hair a beautiful, soft scent.

Lavender Oat

Healing & therapeutic with 100% pure lavender essential oil, powdered oats, and Dead Sea salt which nourish the skin, relax the body, and calm the mind. Organic cocoa butter and coconut oil provide long-lasting moisture & the softest skin.

Lavender Pine Charcoal Ale

McNab's Pure Ale from local Brightwood provides skin-softening & irritation-soothing hops, while activated charcoal draws out impurities and gives gentle exfoliation for softer, younger-looking skin. Lavender & pine essential oils blend beautifully for a lovely woodsy scent.

Lavender Sea Salt

Sea Salt Bars, or, Spa Bars, have nearly as much sea salt in them as they do oils. Sea salt nourishes your skin, healing & regenerating skin cells while relaxing your muscles. They are great for drawing out toxins, and give gentle exfoliation to give softer, glowing skin. Combined with lavender essential oil to give you the most balancing, restorative soap that provides excellent moisture while helping clear the skin & soothe the mind.

Lemon Mint Aloe – Oily Hair

Lemon juice, mint & organic green tea infusion, and aloe vera come together to control the oiliness of your scalp while strengthening your hair & encouraging healthy growth, and soothing your scalp. Balance your scalp's oil production while maintaining soft, smooth hair that smells fresh!

Lemongrass Geranium Magnesium Lotion

Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin rather than the stomach, but magnesium oil can sometimes feel a bit harsh on the skin. This lotion is a great way to get your daily supplement without the irritation, while moisturizing skin & smelling great! A chickweed infusion soothes skin while organic cocoa butter softens long-term.

Lemongrass Geranium Seaweed

Healing & therapeutic with 100% pure essential oils, organic seaweed powder, and Dead Sea salt which nourish the skin, relaxes the body, and calms the mind. Organic cocoa butter and coconut oil provide long-lasting moisture & the softest skin.