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Baby Bath Oil

*Please note: the picture is not of the proper product, but it's the same idea, the oil in a 60ml bottle. Will update when I get a chance! Baby's sensitive skin shouldn't be washed with soap very often - I use soap maybe once every two weeks, or if she's particularly dirty/after the pool to wash off the chlorine. Oil actually cleans baby & moisturizes at the same time. It's especially good to apply in the bath after soap has been used. I drop some right into the bath water every time, and smooth a tiny amount directly on baby's skin wherever extra moisture is needed. This has given us a full Winter of soft, flake-free skin (in combination with the Sensitive Baby Balm & Baby Milk Bath).

Baby Bath Set

Get $1 off each item when you bundle the 3 bath products together. Give baby the best skin ever with the milk bath, bath oil, and organic soap!

Baby Bum Powder

Keep baby's bum dry & irritation-free with a lovely, all-natural mix of powders, including organic coconut milk powder for nutrients & softness. A careful mix of gentle essential oils scent this baby bum powder for added calming benefits. Tested and true on my own baby's bum since birth, and combined with the use of the Baby Bum Cream, she's never had a bum rash! *Please note: the picture is of another product, but it's the same jar and white colour. Will update when I can!

Baby Bum Set

Get $3 off when you bundle the baby bum set for the healthiest baby bum ever!

Baby Milk Bath

Carefully researched and tested on my own baby since birth, this milk bath is moisturizing and calming for the most sensitive of skin. High in fatty acids and minerals, the powdered blend also contains organic cocoa butter for extra moisture. Some of my most high-end ingredients make this only the best for baby's skin. A tiny amount of lavender & chamomile essential oils (the gentlest of the essential oils) help calm and promote sleep. Only a tablespoon per baby bath is needed - add a couple of teaspoons of the Baby Bath Oil as well for the best bath baby can have. *Please note: the product image is slightly different than the product - the actual product looks less salt and more powdery. Will update the picture when I can. It's the same size, an 80g pot.

Baby Moisturizing Balm

A blend of the best oils, butters, lanolin, and vitamin E oil makes for the most healing, moisturizing, and protective balm your baby can get. Extremely high in fatty acids and anti-inflammatories, while local beeswax & lanolin lock in the moisture. Heals extremely dry skin within a few applications. Only a very small amount is needed per use as it spreads out with the heat of the skin, so this jar can last many months.

Badger Hair Shave Brush

Get the best shave of your life with one of my beautifully crafted lanolin clay shave soaps, applied expertly with this badger hair shave brush.

Bergamot Geranium Aloe

Not your ordinary bath bombs! These highly concentrated bath bombs use coconut oil & organic cocoa butter to give you the softest, smoothest skin. Aloe vera soothes skin, while epsom & Dead Sea salts give a magnesium boost! 100% natural bergamot & lavender essential oils calm & relax the mind while providing extra nutrients to feed the skin.

Black Liquorice & Sumac with Activated Charcoal

Not your ordinary bath bombs! These highly concentrated bath bombs use coconut oil & organic cocoa butter to give you the softest, smoothest skin. Ground sumac is ridiculously high in antioxidants, which helps keep skin young & radiant, while activated charcoal draws out toxins. Epsom & Dead Sea salts give a magnesium boost! 100% natural essential oils give a delicious black liquorice scent while providing extra nutrients to feed your skin and mind.