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Baby Bath Oil

*Please note: the picture is not of the proper product, but it's the same idea, the oil in a 60ml bottle. Will update when I get a chance! Baby's sensitive skin shouldn't be washed with soap very often - I use soap maybe once every two weeks, or if she's particularly dirty/after the pool to wash off the chlorine. Oil actually cleans baby & moisturizes at the same time. It's especially good to apply in the bath after soap has been used. I drop some right into the bath water every time, and smooth a tiny amount directly on baby's skin wherever extra moisture is needed. This has given us a full Winter of soft, flake-free skin (in combination with the Sensitive Baby Balm & Baby Milk Bath).

Baby Bath Set

Get $1 off each item when you bundle the 3 bath products together. Give baby the best skin ever with the milk bath, bath oil, and organic soap!

Baby Bum Powder

Keep baby's bum dry & irritation-free with a lovely, all-natural mix of powders, including organic coconut milk powder for nutrients & softness. A careful mix of gentle essential oils scent this baby bum powder for added calming benefits. Tested and true on my own baby's bum since birth, and combined with the use of the Baby Bum Cream, she's never had a bum rash! *Please note: the picture is of another product, but it's the same jar and white colour. Will update when I can!

Baby Bum Set

Get $3 off when you bundle the baby bum set for the healthiest baby bum ever!

Baby Milk Bath

Carefully researched and tested on my own baby since birth, this milk bath is moisturizing and calming for the most sensitive of skin. High in fatty acids and minerals, the powdered blend also contains organic cocoa butter for extra moisture. Some of my most high-end ingredients make this only the best for baby's skin. A tiny amount of lavender & chamomile essential oils (the gentlest of the essential oils) help calm and promote sleep. Only a tablespoon per baby bath is needed - add a couple of teaspoons of the Baby Bath Oil as well for the best bath baby can have. *Please note: the product image is slightly different than the product - the actual product looks less salt and more powdery. Will update the picture when I can. It's the same size, an 80g pot.

Baby Moisturizing Balm

A blend of the best oils, butters, lanolin, and vitamin E oil makes for the most healing, moisturizing, and protective balm your baby can get. Extremely high in fatty acids and anti-inflammatories, while local beeswax & lanolin lock in the moisture. Heals extremely dry skin within a few applications. Only a very small amount is needed per use as it spreads out with the heat of the skin, so this jar can last many months.

Badger Hair Shave Brush

Get the best shave of your life with one of my beautifully crafted lanolin clay shave soaps, applied expertly with this badger hair shave brush.

Bergamot Geranium Aloe

Not your ordinary bath bombs! These highly concentrated bath bombs use coconut oil & organic cocoa butter to give you the softest, smoothest skin. Aloe vera soothes skin, while epsom & Dead Sea salts give a magnesium boost! 100% natural bergamot & lavender essential oils calm & relax the mind while providing extra nutrients to feed the skin.

Black Liquorice & Sumac with Activated Charcoal

Not your ordinary bath bombs! These highly concentrated bath bombs use coconut oil & organic cocoa butter to give you the softest, smoothest skin. Ground sumac is ridiculously high in antioxidants, which helps keep skin young & radiant, while activated charcoal draws out toxins. Epsom & Dead Sea salts give a magnesium boost! 100% natural essential oils give a delicious black liquorice scent while providing extra nutrients to feed your skin and mind.

Borage Argan Premium Eye Serum

Only 5 of the best oils make up this excellent, brightening eye serum, Organic Argan Oil being the number one ingredient. Thick, nutritious vitamin E oil spreads out as you apply just a few drops to the skin around your eyes, making it last longer. Borage oil has more essential fatty acids than even Evening Primrose Oil. Also works amazingly to soften and reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and scarring.

Coconut Kefir & Honey Facial Soap

Local organic coconut milk kefir & raw organic honey combine to give the most healing, moisturizing soap for even the most sensitive of skin. No essential oils are added to keep it unscented for anyone with sensitivities. Full of nutrients, this soap soothes, and heals, while giving anti-aging & anti-inflammatory benefits.

Coconut Milk Kefir & Honey Hand/Body Lotion

This lotion provides long-lasting moisture while sinking in quickly, leaving your skin soft but not greasy. Local organic coconut milk kefir smooths the skin, and is a natural anti-inflammatory, while the good bacteria of the kefir helps keep the bad bacteria away that causes/aggravates any kind of skin issue. Chamomile infusion soothes. Unscented for sensitive skin.

Coconut Milk Kefir & Honey Unscented Facial Lotion

A beautiful mid-weight facial lotion, unscented for sensitive skin, with local Coconut Milk Kefir, chamomile infusion, and raw local honey for excellent skin-healing benefits. Absorbs quickly & moisturizes all day - get smoother, glowing skin with this amazing healing & protecting lotion.

Cucumber Avocado Facial Bar

Local cucumber from Stokdijk Greenhouses, NS together with fresh avocado & avocado oil & organic unrefined shea butter makes a gentle facial bar that is highly-anti-ageing, soothing to irritated & puffy skin, and promoting a healthy glow. Healing essential oils give a light herbal, citrusy scent.

Eucalyptus Moringa

Not your ordinary bath bombs! These highly concentrated bath bombs use coconut oil & organic cocoa butter to give you the softest, smoothest skin. Powdered organic açaí berries is very high in antioxidants, which helps keep skin young & radiant. Epsom & Dead Sea salts give a magnesium boost! 100% natural essential oils provide extra nutrients to feed your skin and mind.

Frankincense Lemon Bath Bomb

The newest kind of bath bomb, the Frankincense Lemon essential oil blend has proven to become one of the most popular. High in magnesium and very moisturizing, this bath bombs provides and lovely therapeutic experience.

Frankincense Lemon Coffee Scrub

Scrubby! Coffee helps smooth cellulite, and a shea butter bar moisturizes while cleansing. More description to come.

Geranium Orange Chocolate Dry Shampoo – Dark Hair

Keep hair looking clean & radiant in between washes. This dry shampoo absorbs oil while moisturizing & giving your hair a beautiful, soft scent.

Goat’s Milk Kefir Unscented Shave Soap

A very carefully formulated shave soap, providing the perfect mix of oils and butters to achieve a beautiful, thick, stiff lather. Clay powder helps slick the razor over the skin protecting from micro-cuts, while lanolin and a chamomile infusion nourish the skin, improving your complexion. Goat's milk kefir is a great moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, and provides excellent bacteria that protects the skin from bad bacteria that cause and/or aggravate all kinds of skin issues.

Grapefruit Honey

Healing & therapeutic with 100% pure essential oils, raw local honey, and Dead Sea salt which nourish the skin, relaxes the body, and calms the mind. Organic cocoa butter and coconut oil provide long-lasting moisture & the softest skin.

Grapefruit Honey Essential Oil Blend

10ml of 100% essential oil - blend with a carrier oil or use in a diffuser. Do not apply full-strength essential oil to your skin, dilute to 1-2%. This blend is the one used to make the Grapefruit Honey bath bomb, one of my most popular, which is why "honey" is in the name without having actual honey in the essential oil blend.

Healing Paw Balm for Pets

This paw balm will see you through several Winters. Protects and heals from contact with salt. You dog(s) and/or cat(s) will thank you for saving their poor little paws!

Hemp & Honey Cocoa Butter

A simple product, yet amazing moisture for your lips. Organic shea butter, local beeswax, vitamin E oil, raw local honey, combine for the most long-lasting, healing lip balm. No essential oils added, just the sweet scent of the local beeswax.

Herbal Coconut – Dry Hair

Lavender, liquorice root, & rosemary infusion helps hydrate your hair & scalp, condition & soften damaged hair, and encourages hair growth & strength. Organic Jojoba oil & organic coconut milk kefir provide excellent nutrients to feed your scalp & hair, while lavender & cedarwood essential oils provide and lovely, wild & woodsy scent.

Herbal Infused Healing Foot Balm

Organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, lanolin, and herbal infusions come together to create a deeply moisturizing and soothing foot balm. Healing dry, cracked, scaly feet.

Herbal Magnesium Foot Soak

Relax sore feet & improve your magnesium stores with this deluxe herbal foot soak. Moisturizing, cooling, and soothing.

Hibiscus Orange Cocoa Butter

Simple, elegant moisture for your lips and aromatherapy for your mind. Organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, and vitamin E oil come together with a hibiscus & orange zest infusion for the best, long-lasting, healing lip care.

Honey Rose Toner

Toner is great to use as an alternative to soap that is less harsh - I like to use it 3 out of 4 nights instead of washing with soap. Unless you're washing off make up, in which case I recommend washing with soap then finishing up with toner to get the last little bits. It's also great to use to remove any excess dirt/oil before applying make up. It freshens, cleans, and moisturizes all in one, while feeding and protecting the skin.

Lanolin Borage Ultimate Healing Balm

Heal those stubborn dry patches of skin, and even painful, cracked skin. Lanolin locks in moisture like nothing else - this ingredient helps heal the worst of dried, raw skin, while borage oil has higher amounts of omega fatty acids than even evening primrose oil which helps speed healing. Chamomile & lavender infused organic olive oil feeds & soothes the skin, while organic shea butter & thick nutritious vitamin E oil moisturize & feed the skin.

Lavender Chamomile Herbal Bath Bags

Create a nutritious tea for yourself to bath in, soaking up vitamins & nutrients to feed your skin, without having to clean your tub afterwards. 100% natural essential oils soothe & relax the body & mind.

Lavender Essential Oil

10ml of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Geranium Soap

Moisturizing organic shea butter bar that smells lovely and is purple! More description to come.

Lavender Lemon Dry Shampoo – Light Hair

Keep hair looking clean & radiant in between washes. This dry shampoo absorbs oil while moisturizing & giving your hair a beautiful, soft scent.

Lavender Oat

Healing & therapeutic with 100% pure lavender essential oil, powdered oats, and Dead Sea salt which nourish the skin, relax the body, and calm the mind. Organic cocoa butter and coconut oil provide long-lasting moisture & the softest skin.

Lavender Rosemary – Itchy & Problem Scalp

The secret ingredient which helps calm an itchy, problem scalp, and reduce hair loss and possibly reverse it, is onions! Onion skin infusion and onion juice - don't worry! It doesn't smell at all like onions. Lavender & tea tree essential oils provide a mild herbal scent while providing scalp-soothing benefits. Aloe vera juice & organic coconut milk nourish the scalp and hair, reducing flaking & itching, and contributing to stronger, healthier hair.

Lemon Mint Aloe – Oily Hair

Lemon juice, mint & organic green tea infusion, and aloe vera come together to control the oiliness of your scalp while strengthening your hair & encouraging healthy growth, and soothing your scalp. Balance your scalp's oil production while maintaining soft, smooth hair that smells fresh!