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Cucumber Avocado Facial Bar

Local cucumber from Stokdijk Greenhouses, NS together with fresh avocado & avocado oil & organic unrefined shea butter makes a gentle facial bar that is highly-anti-ageing, soothing to irritated & puffy skin, and promoting a healthy glow. Healing essential oils give a light herbal, citrusy scent.

Goat’s Milk & Honey Facial Soap

Goat's milk & raw organic honey combine to give the most healing, moisturizing soap for even the most sensitive of skin. No essential oils are added to keep it unscented for anyone with sensitivities. Full of nutrients, this soap soothes, and heals, while giving anti-aging & anti-inflammatory benefits.

Herbal Coconut – Dry Hair

Lavender, liquorice root, & rosemary infusion helps hydrate your hair & scalp, condition & soften damaged hair, and encourages hair growth & strength. Organic Jojoba oil & organic coconut milk kefir provide excellent nutrients to feed your scalp & hair, while lavender & cedarwood essential oils provide and lovely, wild & woodsy scent.

Lavender Rosemary – Itchy & Problem Scalp

The secret ingredient which helps calm an itchy, problem scalp, and reduce hair loss and possibly reverse it, is onions! Onion skin infusion and onion juice - don't worry! It doesn't smell at all like onions. Lavender & tea tree essential oils provide a mild herbal scent while providing scalp-soothing benefits. Aloe vera juice & organic coconut milk nourish the scalp and hair, reducing flaking & itching, and contributing to stronger, healthier hair.

Lavender Sea Salt

Sea Salt Bars, or, Spa Bars, have nearly as much sea salt in them as they do oils. Sea salt nourishes your skin, healing & regenerating skin cells while relaxing your muscles. They are great for drawing out toxins, and give gentle exfoliation to give softer, glowing skin. Combined with lavender essential oil to give you the most balancing, restorative soap that provides excellent moisture while helping clear the skin & soothe the mind.

Lemon Mint Aloe – Oily Hair

Lemon juice, mint & organic green tea infusion, and aloe vera come together to control the oiliness of your scalp while strengthening your hair & encouraging healthy growth, and soothing your scalp. Balance your scalp's oil production while maintaining soft, smooth hair that smells fresh!

Lemongrass Geranium Seaweed Facial Soap

Organic seaweed adds flexibility & moisture to your skin, drawing out toxins and soothing irritation, while mildly exfoliating. Excellent for all skin types, but specifically dry and/or mature skin. Lemongrass essential oil uplifts the spirit & relieves anxiety. Using this soap will leave you with even, glowing skin.

Organic Patchouli Coconut Clay

Highly anti-aging, packed with nutrients, french pink clay helps draw out toxins & smooth the skin, while organic coconut milk reduces fine lines & improves skin elasticity. This soap is great to help heal most skin conditions from eczema to acne, dry skin to oily skin, while giving you a beautifully smokey, floral scent with patchouli, geranium, and lavender essential oils.

Pet Shampoo

Bring out the shine in your animals fur, with avocado oil, organic coconut oil, and organic coconut milk. Aloe vera soothes, while activated charcoal removes bacteria and deodorizes. The blend of essential oils are safe for both dogs & cats, and are chosen for their abilities to ward off fleas, ticks, and other bugs. **Also works as a human hiking/camping soap to help keep the mosquitos away!**