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Hello, I’m Tiffany Westwood

Dedicated to sharing skincare without the bullshit.

My name is Tiffany Westwood. I live in Halifax, and I make all natural skincare.

A while ago I started learning about skincare, soap, and the skin itself as an organ – it’s amazing how much the skin absorbs of what we put on it. I was shocked to learn that when you use commercial products that are packed with unnatural ingredients you are slowly poisoning yourself! I decided that I wanted to provide skincare that is stripped back to its basics, with no unnecessary unnatural additives.

I discovered an incredible world of natural, colourful, amazing ingredients that heal your skin, fight ageing, smell wonderful, and are fun to use. There are all kinds of natural additives you can use to boost its nutritional value, but you really don’t need anything synthetic at all – no unpronounceable words.

Soap is a very simple product at heart:

  1. oil

  2. water

  3. lye (caustic soda)

First you mix the water and lye, then you add it to the oil. This causes something called saponification, when the lye turns the oil into soap. If you want to learn more about this process, check out my blog!

I try to buy local when I can – honey from within Nova Scotia, ale from local breweries. I hand-make my almond/hemp/oat milks. I infuse my own oils with herbs like calendula, chamomile, carrot flesh, dandelion, and more. I use plenty of organic ingredients. I make sure that everything that goes into one of my products is excellent for your skin, mind, and overall health.

Skincare is for everyone, regardless of gender, style, status. Quality skincare, made with thought, care, and love – skincare without the bullshit.

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